Chilebrown at home

Friday, June 12, 2015


Good luck, karma, or just a good omen of the food to come? For some strange reason I have always found a parking spot very close to our dining destination. Parking in the City or Berkeley can be a challenge that the Racing Honda has conquered. Today's parking spot at Willie Birds could not of been closer. The Great White Hunter and I were on a mini-Meat Adventure and needed some nourishment by the menu choice of "Turkey, Double Order of Stuffing and with a Bucket of Gravy". It is a good thing we parked so close because we were wider, fuller and very content after this fantastic feast.


Three Dogs BBQ said...

I am starting to think it is just good, clean living. Please pass the stuffing.

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr. Three Dog I would point out that Mr. Browns parking karma only works if someone is riding copilot or driving. Ms. Goofy, Lucy, GWH, we are the one's with good karma. Please pass the bucket of gravy. GWH out. Sunday is double brisket day with macaroni salad and coleslaw. Yahoo and neener neener neener, Mr.Brown. GWH.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, Would you like a bucket of gravy to go with that stuffing? Good clean living is something I have only embraced in the last several years as the GWH can attest to. It seems to be working.

greatwhite hunter, I hope your double brisket day is a success. Take some photo and even possibly throw a sandwich out the window as you roll by on your way home. And further more we are feasting on ribs, tri-tip and a mystery meat at a competition today.

Chris said... expect us to believe it is karma and not the emergency safety cones and sign that said "Danger Gas Leak" that you put in that spot the night before? ;)

PS: Pass the gravy.