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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We all have our favorite make of car. Some people are Chevy men or particular to Fords. These people are passionate and form clubs to celebrate their beloved make of car. The same goes for barbeques. There is a group of people that are very passionate to Weber barbeques and have a club called the Weber Kettle Club. They had a Northern California meeting held at the San Pablo Dam Reservoir picnic area this last weekend and I paid them a visit. I also am the proud owner of eight Weber barbeques. My 22.5 kettle gets a workout several times a week. Weber makes a product that is efficient, easy to use and relatively inexpensive. I would venture to say at least 1/3 of bbq competitors use a Weber bullet as their cooker.

 The Weber Kettle Club has a website. It has a nationwide following and hundreds of members. Members post all things about their beloved Weber. There are forums for recipes, buying & selling, restoration and events. I found out about this event through social media. It was a beautiful day to have a picnic. The picnic area was only a short jaunt from the abode.This would be the first gathering I have ever attended. To be honest I had no idea what to expect. I did know there would be a group of people who loved Webers.

I knew that I had found the right spot by the scattered arsenal of vintage, custom and various sizes of Webers   I introduced myself and was immediately welcomed into this community of like minded enthusiasts..The various members were prepping all sorts of fun and unique food to be cooked on the beloved Webers. A lot of Weber accessories were proudly displayed such as this custom Weber Wok that fits directly into the kettle.I made a mental shopping list of future Weber acquisitions.

One member cooked some lumpia directly on the kettle. He used a Weber pan with a layer of oil and fried them to a delicious crispy brown treat. One member cooked lamb. There were plenty of people to give directions and advice to insure proper cooking using the kettle. There was a lot of Weber knowledge present in this group. Bacon wrapped asparagus, sausage and so much more would be cooked in this feast.

I made a bunch of new Weber friends. I also came away with new knowledge and ideas for my Webers. Today, I was only an observer because I did not really know what to expect at this gathering. I cannot wait for the next meeting so I can break out some of my Webers and show off my cooking skills. What a fun day.

Weber Kettle Club.


Dagny said...

You didn't go to Sunset Celebration this past weekend? I didn't make it this year but in the past Weber was ways a major sponsor. They gave you a catalog of everything and showed off the latest stuff. Who knows what will happen next year since Sunset's parent company has sold off the campus.

Chilebrown said...

Dagny, I have always enjoyed the Sunset magazine over the years. I have never been to the event. Maybe they will hold it in Oakland next year.

Big Dude said...

Always fun to spend time with folks who have similar interests. While I have three kettles in three sizes, I don't think I'm quite passionate enough for a club :-)

Chilebrown said...

Big Dudes, You are on your way with three kettles. That is the way it starts. I would probably have a lot more than eight if Ms. Goofy did not put a moratorium on new purchases.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shoutout! It was great hanging out with you. I hope you can share some of your Weber cooking knowledge with us next time.

Zoomie said...

Fun day! Glad you found some like-minded folks.

Chilebrown said...

Lawrence Maligaya. I am looking forward to the next event. I hope to showcase some of my favorite dishes on the Weber.

Zoomie, Yes it was a fun day. Weber has a worldwide fan base of happy cookers. In fact I seem to recall you owning one. I hope to see you at the next gathering.