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Sunday, October 25, 2015


This sad story begins at the end. Our friend Amber Stipicevich has passed away. Amber Stipicevich who went by the name of Amber Stippy was a friend from the barbeque community. Amber lost her struggle from complications at the hospital after a surgery preparing her for a heart transplant. She was a young woman in her forties with a young daughter and husband. Amber did not want a funeral but a gathering of family for a barbeque event. This should not be a sad day but a celebration of her life. As in life she is still a beacon of sunshine.
  Amber had a smile that greeted you immediately. Amber was a KCBS CBJ. That is how we first met her. She was a meticulously smart judge that came from her profession as a scientist. This past couple of years she started to compete with her young daughter introducing her to the bbq world. She even started to teach bbq at the ‘Advanced Barbecue Judging “classes offered by the California Barbecue Society. Barbeque was a big part of Amber’s life.

 Amber and I shared several passions. She loved hot sauces. We would share and compare notes about different sauces. Amber re-introduced me to a San Francisco ice cream novelty ‘It’s It”. She generously gifted me a case just to give them a try. She knew of my weakness for sweets.
  Today the barbeque community is gathering at the Elks Lodge in South San Francisco to celebrate Amber’s life. All the food will be prepared and donated by her barbeque friends. Ms. Goofy made some wonderful sweets to share with our friends. A trust fund has been set up for her daughter. Today is a celebration for our friend Amber. Amber Stippy we miss you.


Three Dogs BBQ said...

I'm sorry for your loss Chilebrown. It is hard to lose a good friend. Even harder when it is much too early.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, It is a very sad situation. The celebration was nice. It was upbeat just as Amber wanted.