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Friday, October 16, 2015


Our original post on the Man Grates garnered a little attention from the manufacture. Tiffany Thompson from Man Grate left a comment offering me a couple more grates to complete my set. This was an offer this Mad Meat Genius could not refuse. As fast as the Postal Service could move my new ‘Grill Enhancement System’ arrived.  This package consisted of two more grates and a wire brush. These two grates with my existing grate would expand my cooking surface to a generous 15 inches long by 12 ¾ inches by 1 2/8 inches tall. This is more than enough room to have a party on my grill.

Let’s revisit what a Man Grate actually is. These are thick and heavy cast iron grates that rest on top of your existing grill grate. Why does one need cast iron grates? Cast iron will heat up and retain massive amounts of heat for a long time to sear and caramelize proteins that you want to cook. The searing process will leave those desirable and mouthwatering grill marks. Cast iron will develop an almost non-stick property once they are properly cured. This Mad Meat Genius has been a fan of black iron (cast iron) for a long time. With proper care these grates will last a life time and longer.

I did the simple curing process which you can view below. (Curing with Bacon) It was time to have some fun. Chicken, sausage and steak would be cooked over several days to give our Man Grates a work out. It was a lot of fun experimenting and designing grill mark patterns. This steak was cooked for two minutes before it was rotated for another two minute blast of heat. The grill marks were set and the steak was flipped. The maintenance for these grates is simple which only involves a wire brushing followed by a wipe down of an oiled cloth before and after each cook.

Man Grates are a great improvement to any grilling system. Cast iron has properties to build up and retain heat needed for consistent and almost nonstick grilling. When meat hits a piping hot Man Grate it sizzles and sings beautiful music to any barbeque enthusiast. I would like to thank Tiffany Thompson of Man Grate for generously completing my Man Grate set. I was sold on this product even before she contacted me.

Man Grate


Greg said...

cured by bacon! I had a vision of the cooking spray turning into a flame thrower! My guess is he turned off the flame prior? Cool idea.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I thought the same thing. It would not be a good idea with an open flame or charcoal unless you do not value your eyebrow hairs. Bacon.

Unknown said...

I love Mangrates! I cured mine by mopping canola oil on the hot grates. Along with regular maintenance, they have served me well for 3 years.

Chilebrown said...

John Fanning, I used vegetable oil but I think bacon sounds fantastic for curing duties. I think I may go add some more bacon seasoning right away.

Three Dogs BBQ said...

Thanks for the review Chilebrown. I have been wavering between the ManGrates and their competition. I think I like the idea of cast iron better than other metals. Time to start hunting for a bargain.

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, These are a bargain when you realize they will last a life time and more if you take care of them. Talk to Tiffany Thompson.

Unknown said...

Three Dogs BBQ: Contact Tiffany at ManGrate: We periodically run special promotions. Additionally, with the holidays coming up, we will probably offer significant savings starting next month. ~Julie, ManGrate Creative & Marketing Director