Chilebrown at home

Sunday, May 8, 2016


I received a homemade hot sauce from a fellow Chilehead Alden Miller who I think is from North Carolina. It took a roundabout way through several hands to get delivered, but here it is. I do not have a lot of information (none) about this sauce but here goes. The label is numbered and has a fun but slightly disturbing graphic of an x-rayed Boston terrier dog. The top was removed to reveal a tropical aroma of spices and peppers. This is a fairly thick orange-red puree with no seeds present. I poured a little sample on a spoon to sample. Papaya and pineapple are my initial flavor hits but immediately I am stung by some exotic pepper. This sauce has a Caribbean feeling to its flavor profile. I am guessing scorpion or possibly ghost peppers were used. The fruit adds a nice sweet calming balance to the beautiful burning warmth of the peppers. This sauce is not for novice hot sauce users.

I brought this sauce to Elaina Clark one of my Chilehead taster friends who just so happens to own a Boston Terrier. She loved the label. Elaina can hold her own when it comes to hot sauces but this sauce challenged her in the heat department. I am afraid she found her match today. Overall I loved this sauce. It burns so good. There is a tropical sweet fruit component that is harmonious with the wrath of these exotic peppers. I would like to add this sauce gets bonus points for helping out a Boston Terrier rescue group. Thanks Alden Miller via Dana Myers via Kevin Barteaux

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