Chilebrown at home

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Jack & Gina, our friends in the bbq community know I love all things chile. Gina  is a bonafide chili queen with numerous trophies to confirm her supremacy. They have gifted me a box of Chocolate chip cookies that are spiked with my favorite Hatch chile peppers. This unique cookie is made by the Salem Baking Company. This cookie not only has Hatch peppers but is studded with semi-sweet & milk chocolate chips to make a decadent combination.  These cookies promise to be "Delightfully Thin & Crispy", have no preservatives, and no artificial flavors or colors. Let's grab a glass of milk and eat some cookies.

These cookies are fantastic. My initial impression is of chocolate chip cookie bliss. The cookie is thin, crisp and chocolaty good. But wait, there is a slight hint of heat that backs up this nostalgic cookie flavor. The Hatch peppers are in the background with their earthy vibrant pepper love. This pepper addition is not overpowering but compliments the cookie as a whole. This is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Jack & Gina. This was the perfect cookie gift for me.

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