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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


We would like to share an interesting product we did not purchase; Bacon Soap. It is pretty rare when I pass the opportunity to buy any and all bacon product. I did draw the line today. The packaging listed some interesting facts about this product. It is 100% Vegan, Sugar, Gluten, and dairy free. One of the most important ingredients was missing; bacon. Maybe it was the fifteen dollar price tag that made me walk right by this product.


Big Dude said...


greatwhite hunter said...

Mr Brown, I know you would have this procured this product no matter what the cost, if it were not for subconscious fear of eating it. I'm forced to remind you of the potty mouth you had while you were growing up and all the time is your mother had to wash your mouth out with soap and you like it. That is the only only reason. GWH OUT

Chilebrown MadMeatGenius said...

Big Dude, me too

greatwhite hunter, maybe you are on to something

Charlesam narshall said...

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