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Thursday, April 27, 2017


At the San Joaquin Asparagus festival we came across a vendor selling hot & barbeque sauces. I also noticed they had some packaged candy. I assumed it had some hot qualities but when I looked a little closer the label beckoned me with the promise of bacon. This vendor was the OSO Pepper Company. We are no strangers to this company and their quality sauces. I looked a little closer and these were spicy bacon caramels. There was a thermometer heat level that rose to medium heat marker. Say, no more and here is my money. When I buy a new bacon product I always have high hopes for the bacon promised. Today we have a double whammy of bacon and pepper love. Let's give it a try.

I will spare you the ingredient list but bacon and ghost pepper powder are listed. I ripped open the top to reveal a sexy vanilla and caramel aroma. This smells fantastic. Each caramel is individually wrapped. I tear open one and taste. I then immediately tear open another and taste. Right off the bat I want to say this Cry Out! Spicy Bacon Caramel is fantastic. The caramel is soft and luscious. There is real bacon in this caramel with real bacon flavor, really. The Ghost Pepper powder is an added bonus which joins this candy party later in the experience with a gentle warmth. The product claims to be of medium heat but I would put it more on the mild side. Mild but wild with caramel, bacon and chile love. This product is a winner.  Bravo, I am happy.

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