Chilebrown at home

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Mother nature is not done with us yet. That did not dampen the spirits of forty bbq competitors to cook ribs & chili this wet morning. We had our umbrellas and judging badges ready to offer our services to the 'Hog'n Heat competition held in Redwood City, California. Today we are at St Pius Church for wet but enthusiastic competition. We judges were lucky to be hunkered down in a grade school classroom for our judging duties. This classroom brought back memories of being a juvenile Mad Meat Genius. Although I do not remember paste being flavored.. We would like to share a few images with you.

This is Jack Simmons from Big Shot BBQ. He is showing us some mighty fine ribs here but he is also an accomplished chili cook. He and Gina took second place in the Chili competition. They set the bar high in the chili world. Their chili is the perfect balance of heat, sweet and spice. They did battle against 19 other fine competitors.

 We noticed quit a few teams we were not familiar with such as Meaty Nuckles. This was a local fundraiser that brought out the local talent. Every one was enthusiastic and devoted to cook this blustery day. It is amazing how much fun we all had despite of the atmospheric turmoil.

Congratulations to our friend Joe Z from Canyon Rider for taking first place in ribs. Please notice the home made hot sauce Joe Z is holding in his hand. It is roasted home grown green habanero sauce. This is serious real deal hot sauce. This was a fun day had by all. Mother nature may have spoken but she did not rain on our parade..


Greg said...

the front rib is the beauty shot for me. Rockstar!

Chilebrown said...

Greg, That rib was hot, sweet and sticky.