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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Saturdays were just made for another fun day of barbeque celebration and competition at the 4th Annual Elk Grove BBQ Championship this weekend. This was another opportunity to sample and score some of the best barbeque in the nation. The organizer pictured above told us originally this Elk Grove event showcased a rodeo but they determined a barbeque competition was a lot safer and just as popular.  I will buy that. Hold on to your cowboy hat because we would like to share a couple of images with you.

The 9-11 shot is a tradition carried on by the cooks of the event. At exactly eleven minutes after nine the glasses are raised. We as judges are not allowed to participate because of a no alcohol policy. We judges need all our senses and taste buds to score fair & just. I did take this photo shot though. The weather today was a tiny bit overcast with mild temperatures reaching the low 70's. The cooks dealed with a slight breeze the night before. The cooks are professionals and dealt with the conditions accordingly.

The Father and Son team Brandini were serving up some home cured bacon today. They sure do know my Achilles heal. This was some mighty fine perfectly balanced bacon. I was promised the recipe and hope to share with you at a later date.

I love to roam the grounds to check out everybody's cooking devices. Fancy high dollar rigs to custom UDS (Ugly Drum Smokers) can do the job. It is the skill and maybe a little luck thrown in to produce a Grand Champion cook. I also like to point out to Ms. Goofy possible Christmas and Birthday bbq gifts.

Congratulations to our friends Bill & Yvonne Sousa from the competition team "Big B's Down & Dirty" for winning the Reserve Grand Championship trophy. Their good friends who were parked right next door "Son of Smoke" took Grand Champions. Zack Galiste "The Kid" is back in Championship form. What a fun filled day of bbq. We cannot wait till the next one.

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