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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Technology can be a wonderful thing. Our friend Dana thinks outside the box; the bbq turn-in box that is. A critical part of bbq competition is the turn-in. The meat entry is pleasingly arranged in a Styrofoam box and turned into a KCBS representative to be judged and scored. This box must be turned in at a specific time frame which is of 10 minute duration. Making to this turn-in point, on time is critical. One second after the deadline and you will encounter the dreaded DQ (Disqualification). Sometimes the logistics of reaching the turn-in delivery point can cover a lot of walking time and distance not to mention dodging bbq festival attendees. Dana is experimenting with turning in his entry with a drone.

Like it or not drones are here and will become part of our lives. Let’s embrace the technology and give it a try. Please take a look at the video below and see the Styrofoam bbq entry  box attached to the Dana’s drone for delivery. Think of the possibilities of a faster more efficient delivery method. There is no chance of running into obstacles, tripping and ultimate quickness to get your entry in on time. As of now there are still a couple of bumps, kinks and several hiccups to overcome but maybe Dana is on to something.

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