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Monday, May 15, 2017


Our friend Scott and fellow Certified Kansas City Barbecue Society Master Judge knows I love bacon and chile peppers. He gifted me a bbq rub that combines both of my favorite ingredients; Jallelujah. This is a bacon jalapeno rub made and sold by the competition barbeque team “Big Poppa Smokers”. Big Poppa has a reputation of producing award winning barbeque. This gluten and MSG free rub is an all-purpose rub that we are going to test on a pork roast tonight. Against my better judgement I will be listing the ingredients stated on the label. Have a seat and let’s shout “Jallelujah”

Sugar, coarse salt dehydrated garlic, jalapenos, onions and bell pepper, spices, natural bacon and maple flavors, jalapeno powder, corn starch, extractives of celery, natural hickory smoke flavor are the listed ingredients. The ingredient list seems simple enough. I am wondering about natural bacon flavor?

The top is opened to unleash a fragrant avalanche of fresh spices and a touch of smoke. I dip my clean finger into the spices and give it a taste. This salty sweet and jalapeno flavors actually tastes pretty good straight out of the bottle. The jalapeno flavor is mild but does leave a warming sensation. There is a smoke component and I will assume this is supposed to mimic bacon. The ultimate test will be when we try it on our pork roast.

I rubbed our roast an hour before the cook. I let the seasoned roast sit covered to bring to room temperature.We cooked the roast in a smoker/bbq till the internal temperature was 145. The roast caramelized from the rubs sugars to a beautiful color.  After a brief rest we sliced into the roast. The crust of the roast was delicious. The sugar, salt and spices really complimented the pork. The jalapeno flavor was present but the heat was absent. The actual bacon flavor was a little lost possibly because of all  the smoke from the cooker.

This rub gets thumbs up from the Chilebrown household. It is a good all-purpose rub. The well balanced combination of sugar, salt and jalapeno peppers shined as it caramelized and flavored the roast. I am a little hesitant to say you will taste bacon but there is a smoke component that is present. I cannot wait to try this with some chicken. There is a reason Big Poppa Smokers is a championship bbq team and this rub is a testament.

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