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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Have you ever heard of an all-inclusive three course meal for 13.00 tax included with  world class scenery right outside the doorway? The “Treasure Island Job Corps Center” runs a “Fine Dining Restaurant’ on Treasure Island right smack in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. We recently discovered this gem from some friends. This is a working restaurant that showcases the efforts of different job training classes of the Job Corps. The Baking Class, Fine Dining Class, Food & Beverage Class and the Pastry Class all collaborate to put together a three course meal all for the small sum of thirteen dollars. We would like to share a couple of images with you.

The Job Corps is located on the old Naval base and the location of the World’s Fair of 1939. Several of the Art Deco buildings from the World’s Fair still stand with also a lot of remnants of old naval buildings. The Job Corps has a campus with our destination of the “Fine Dining” room. We did have to go through security and show I.D. to enter this campus. Once inside we found the building with many students roaming the grounds in chef uniforms. Once inside we were greeted by a host and directed to our table.

The actual dining area is fairly plain. This is a working classroom and the emphasis is on the food and service. We were seated and handed a pre-fixed menu with several dining options. We also were asked what beverages we would like. (non-alcoholic) I had a delicious fruit smoothie. A basket of freshly made french and tomato & basil bread arrived too. Our first choice was of an appetizer: Duck Kofta, Goat Cheese and Grape Salad and Assorted Mushroom Soup. My salad was fantastic as Ms. Goofy enjoyed her soup which was made of portabella, shitake, cremini, cauliflower, served with white truffle croutons and pancetta.

We got to meet the head instructor Chef Ron Shoenburg. He was very friendly and told us a little about the restaurant and program. Our main course arrived and they both looked like they had just jumped out of a food magazine cover. My roasted leg of lamb was tender and flavorful. Ms. Goofy’s Harissa Glazed Half Chicken had a grilled lemon on the side that put this dish over the top delicious. We still had a dessert course to go.

Before our desserts even arrived we received a plate of candied almonds, white chocolate covered strawberry and house made chocolate truffles. My ‘Gatuau Crème au Buerre was decadent and might pretty to look if I do say so myself. Ms. Goofy had ‘Crepes aux Chocolate Noisettes. Oh my,  was this a fun lunch. The students of the Treasure Island Job Corps Center are heading for a bright future. We were happy to experience this working classroom.

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Ms Goofy said...

The food was awesome and the students were so polite and professional. You can't beat the price and the views from the island. We will be back for sure!