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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Napa is famous for World Class wines but they also have a great place for burgers. Today we stop by "Squeeze In Hamburgers. We were on a Meat Adventure and needed to stop for nourishment. The original Squeeze In Hamburgers is located in Sacramento but the Napa destination is a lot closer. We also saw an article on "Check Please" on the video below. It was time to experience the cheese skirt.

The inside is fairly small with several tables and counter service. You place your order at the counter and then grab a seat. One thing we first noticed was all the toothpicks in the ceiling. It was not the most appetizing component of this establishment. Apparently it is a tradition to take the toothpick that holds your burger together and put it into a straw and shoot it into the ceiling. The menu is on the wall which has your standard burger joint faire. When you are at the Squeeze Inn one must order the Squeezeburger with cheese to experience the cheese skirt.

We sat at the counter and watched the fry cook do his magic. At least a quarter pound of cheese is put on the burger. A cover is put over the burger and cheese to steam and form the cheese skirt. The burger with cheese skirt is delivered to your table molten hot. Be careful because it is hot. There is no rigth way to eat the cheese skirt. Some people (Ms. Goofy) fold the cheese skirt back into the bun and others tear the cheese skirt and eat it separately. Which ever way you choose this is a fun/tasty burger. We can now cross the cheese skirt at the Squeeze Inn Hamburger of of our bucket list. Yum.

Fast forward to the 10:20 mark to see actual footage of the Squeeze Inn.

Squeeze In Hamburgers
3383 Solano Av.
Napa, Ca. 94588


Big Dude said...

Would you believe that we have actually eaten there, after seeing it on DDD then drivinging thru Sacramento. The inside view was different that day though as we could barely squeeze in the door to order our food then eat it in the car.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, I have never been to the Sacramento location. I am wondering if you went to the original location? The original location in Sacramento had to relocate. An ADA lawyer sued them for lack of access and they ultimately moved. If you ever make it back you will have to give us a call.