Chilebrown at home

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Clayton California warmed up to sizzling temperatures and it may have been caused by the 2017 Clayton BBQ Cook-Off. This was a KCBS sanctioned event in the Competitor Series. The Competitor series is a smaller contest in the meat department. Instead of the four meats of chicken, ribs , pork and brisket, the Competitor Series only cooks ribs and chicken. There were forty six teams competing today. This group was broken down into a pro division (18) and backyard division (28). Gentlemen start your grills.

It was hot today. The thermometer was hovering in the nineties. This team above was taking a beer break in the shade at 9:30 am. We judges were lucky to be in an air conditioned building. It was a good thing we were cool because the heat rose with all the yummy entries.

This was my favorite team name of the day. I hope it is not s sign of the future pending  KCBS rule change  allowing gas and propane as a cooking source. We will discuss this controversial rule change in the future. The grill below must be from Texas evident from the chapeau. 

We leave you today with a space ship of fun memories. Congratulations to our friends Michele and Richard of the team "Cecils" for winning the Grand Championship'. I cannot wait till next weekend for more bbq.


Scott Simpson said...

Had fun running the leftover table with my favorite KCBS Master Judge and meat blogger Paul "Chilebrown" Brown!! Would share that responsibility with you any day my friend!!

Chilebrown MadMeatGenius said...

Scott Simpson, That was fun. It is nice to do something different in the judging tent. I believe we ran the most credential leftover station ever.

Russ Emery said...

I was on Team Pork Soda, cooking right next to the guys using Gas. I asked them about this and they said it was okay to use gas because they were entered in the "backyard competition" (as were we). I wasn't aware there is an alternate set of rules. What other rules are "flexible"?

Chilebrown MadMeatGenius said...

Russ Emery, This was a KCBS "Competitor Series" event. There is not an "alternate set of rules" but the organizer can modify certain rules for the "Competitor Series'. The KCBS representatives where informed of this modification. The use of 'L.P. gas/propane is a hotbed of controversy right now. From what I understand this team was not trying to make a statement but just wanted to have fun through competition. In a KCBS Championship four meat competition gas is forbidden. At least until they vote on the change in August.