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Saturday, April 7, 2018


Aged premium beef has been the theme around here lately. It was Ms. Goofy's birthday and she wanted to have dinner at Clove & Hoof one of our new favorite hipster destinations. Clove & Hoof serves fantastic burgers, Philly Cheese-steak and they also run a premium butcher shop. Tonight's special was a dish whose main protein was dry aged New York strip. This steak was served with tarragon English pea puree, brown beech mushrooms, melted leeks and chimichurri. The beef had a ton of beefy flavor but was a little on the tough side. This did not matter because the sum of all the parts added up to a fantastic composed tasty dish. Clove & Hoof specializes in selling beef from small farms raised using responsible and humane methods. The flavor department shined tonight.

Ms. Goofy loved her Philly Cheese-steak. She will not order any other item from the menu it is that good. One thing I have to mention is the fries. They are fried in beef tallow. This makes for one delicious fry. There is a distinctive exterior crunch to reveal the soft pillow like potato center.The beef tallow adds a certain nuanced flavor. These are not bland, unexciting burger accompaniments but bursts of french fry happiness that has you reaching for another and another.  They are splashed with just the right amount of salt to keep your doctor employed. This may be the perfect fry. We cannot wait to return for our next meal at Clove & Hoof.

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