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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Proceed with caution because you may be opening Pandora's box by witnessing the following words. Dry aging beef is a process that evaporates moisture and begins the natural process of enzymes breaking down. This is achieved by hanging meat for several weeks in a temperature controlled environment. What all this does is concentrate beef flavors and makes beef more tender. The process is time consuming and also takes up valuable room in the establishment making this beef more expensive. It is also a practice that has been following by the wayside in the meat industry. Journeyman Meat Co. does take the time and effort to dry age beef but you will pay a premium for this service.

We are at Journeyman Meat Co. and found some wonderful dry aged premium beef. This was one steak I could not pass by. Grab on to your chair and I will tell you the price tag; 38./pd. I had the butcher cut me a 22 ounce beautiful 31 day New York strip steak. The butcher cut away at the outer layer which has been spoiled from the aging process. He revealed a beautifully marbled steak. This particular beef was from Texas; named red Akausi American Wagyu. I could not wait to get home to cook it.

A very hot direct heat charcoal fire would be used to cook this special steak. The steak was seasoned with salt & freshly cracked pepper and let to sit for an hour to bring to room temperature. Approximately 4 minutes per side with rotation for grill marks would bring the internal temperature to 115. We wanted this steak to be medium rare leaning towards the rare side to experience maximum tenderness. A long ten minute rest and we were ready to experience the pleasure. Beware, once you have bitten into a dry aged steak no other steak will compare. Yes, it is that good. Tender with concentrated beef flavor that will make you stop after every bite and sigh. With this price tag it is not a beef we will be consuming every day but I guarantee once you have tried it you will be hooked. This was one of the best steaks ever.


Big Dude said...

Looks great both raw and cooked.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, So much beef flavor that I crave the next steak. It seems the price of beef has been skyrocketing this last year. This will have to be for a special treat.