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Sunday, April 1, 2018


Our Meat Adventure today brings us to ‘Journeyman Meat Co. in Healdsburg Ca. It was a beautiful spring like day to travel to the wine country. Journeyman Meat Co. is a celebration of handcrafted premium meat products with Italian influences. We are talking about a salumi selection that is very impressive; Finnochiona, Soppressata, Chorizo, Parmesan & Porcini salame, Fattoria and many more. House made sausage, meatballs and my favorite bacon. This bacon was smoked with wine barrel shavings for special flavor profiles. We walked through the door of Journeyman Meat Co.  and immediately were greeted by Cathy Seghesio the proprietor and director of marketing.

Cathy was bubbling with excitement to tell us all about the store. The store is decorated in a meat centric theme. There is a beautiful old fashioned hand crank slicer that highlights and greets you at the door to begin your meat experience. Refrigerator cases showcasing the various products are situated around the room. One special case that looked like a vault caught my attention right away because is held dry aging beef. The wood fired pizza style oven was glowing and ready to cook. Behind the counter several butchers were slicing and dicing. Of course this is wine country and there was a selection of wine.

A sample plater containing several slices of salami was available for tasting. All three were very tasty. There is a small tasting style menu that was pretty impressive. One can choose a steak from the counter and have it cooked in the wood fire oven.  Salami Boards containing a selection of salami with pickles and cheese with added flights of wine are available. Pizza, sandwiches and of course sausage are available. We wanted to see the dry aging vault opened to purchase a special beef steak.

The butcher shielded me so I would not see the combination of the meat vault. He pressed possibly a 20 digit code to open this contraption. It held Prime and American Waygu beef in various stages of aging. I chose a 31 day American Waygu New York strip steak. The butcher closed the vault and brought the meat to the counter. He trimmed the spoilage to reveal a very premium steak to be enjoyed at home. (More on this later). We added two different flavored bacons to our cart. There was just so much meat to purchase that we will have to return.

Journeyman Meat Co. is a wonderful place to purchase and sample premium beef and charcuterie. This is a craft meat store. The Great White Hunter and I have already planned a return visit to have a steak cooked in-house. Maybe we can convince Ms. Goofy to drive the Racing Honda for warp speed passage. Stay tuned to experience our 31 day dry aged American Wagyu New York Strip steak.


Big Dude said...

I really like places like this but they are few and far between around our place.

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr Brown I am very excited after looking at Journeyman Meat Co. website. GWH out I will be Dreaming about Coppa and Sopressata.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, This is a fun destination. It is also situated in wine country. Maybe you can put it on your map on a future road trip. I will meet you there.

greatwhite hunter, Sometime I dream about bacon.