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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


The Great White Hunter and I are on a mission to have lunch consisting of dry aged steak from Journeyman Meat Company. Ms. Goofy stayed home on this trip claiming she had to change the spark plugs and clear the fuel injector of the Racing Honda. Thanks to my perfect navigation and the Great White Hunters lack of Parking Karma we arrived and parked in the back lot.

We had several choices from Journymans meat vault and we chose the Akaushi Red Wagyu rib-eye. Our trusty butcher sliced all the trim so our actual steak weighed out at 12 ounces. The steak was handed off to the Chef. He seasoned said steak while a cast iron pan heated in the wood burning oven. The smoking hot pan was removed from the oven and both steaks and a generous glob of butter was added to the pan. Butter was used extensively throughout our meal today. This oven was very hot and the actual cooking time was under 10 minutes. It was then rested for almost the same amount of time.

We sat in the comfortable eating area. It was almost like dining in somebody's living room with the couch like seating. Our meal arrived on a wooden cutting board. Another flavored pat of butter was melting our our precious steak. Some very delicious crunchy, charred, soft at the same time vegetables accompanied our special protein. Our steak was a flavor bomb of beef that had the signature Umami experience. You would take a bite and savor the next bite. This is one special steak. If we could have any criticism was cooking the steak in the oven did not create a meat crust that is achieved by using a high heat grill. Even with this observation we both cleared our cutting board to the bare wood. This was one special lunch. 

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