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Monday, April 23, 2018


Last night we just had some of the best chicken hot wings thanks to Rob's Manganero BBQ sauce. Rob Ryan a friend, bbq competitor and owner of 'Rob's Smokin' Rub has released his new bbq sauce 'Manganero". Manganero is a combination of mango's, habanero peppers and various bbq sauce ingredients. Rob has spent considerable time and research to come up with this special sauce. Habanero's can be very hot but used in restraint have a fantastic flavor with fruit nuances. Combine this with the sweetness of mango fruit and you have a base to create a wonderful elixir. We purchased a bottle and want to give it a try on some chicken wings.

We bought some pre-marinaded wings from our local Mexican butcher. They are marinated with the mild paprika and unknown spices. They were cooked in a hot indirect fire in our covered Weber bbq for 30 minutes. We then covered them in the Manganero sauce and returned them to the hear for an additional five minutes. They turned out fantastic. They were hot, sweet and sticky. The all important component of balance shined. The heat level provided by the Habaneros' was medium.This medium heat was complimented with a sweet component provided by the mango. This heat level was perfect to get a two paws up from Ms. Goofy. (Ms. Goofy will growl if the heat is extreme). I have tried many bbq sauces in my barbecue judging career and this one stands out with flavor, heat, sweet and lip smakin abundance.

Rob's Smokin Rubs

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