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Sunday, June 17, 2018


 Joey Chestnut the World Hot Dog Eating Champion has ventured into the condiment world. We are big fans of this trencherman and have witnessed him devour 10lbs of ribs several times at the Sparks Rib Cook-off.. If Joey endorses this mustard, that is good enough for us. We purchased his whole line-up of condiments. Today we are going to try the Picnic mustard on some sausage. It may not be 4th of July but let's light some fireworks and eat some dogs.

The ingredient list is short and sweet; mustard seed, vinegar and spices. The top is removed to let a familiar mustard aroma escape. I squirted some onto my sausage and was immediately a little put back because liquid only came out. This was because the mixture had separated. This happens and a quick shake and we were back on track. The texture was smooth. It had a mustard bite but was mild. I enjoyed it. There was nothing that rocked my boat but this was basically table mustard. Ms. Goofy on the other hand did not like it. She claimed it had a sour taste. After she mentioned this I tasted a little sourness possibly from the vinegar. We all have different likes and dislikes.

Joey is one of my food hero's. He is marketing and cashing in on his fleeting fame. I think his Picnic mustard is a decent condiment that I will use. It may not be everybody's favorite like Ms.Goofy. We both will be rooting for Joey this 4th of July when he defends his World Hot Dog Eating title.

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