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Thursday, July 5, 2018


Dorado Habanero is a restaurant in Colorado which also sells and makes a roasted habanero sauce by the same name. It is made with roasted habaneros and yellow bell pepper. I literally knew nothing about the restaurant and sauce but for some reason the label and mustard looking color caught my attention. I just ordered a bottle to give it a try. We would like to share our thoughts and share some images of our fantastic 4th of July dinner. 

The real star of this show was this Snake River Farm American Wagyu Corned Beef roast which we smoked in our Smokey Mountain Cooker. We smoked this small roast with a combination of hickory and apple wood. You would not believe how seductive this smelled while cooking. While it was cooking we witnessed Joey 'Jaws" Chestnut devour 74 hot dugs and buns in 10 minutes to retain his World Title. The roast was done and was sliced. We accompanied it with some fresh yellow corn from the farmers market.

The Dorado Habanero sauce was a hit. It had no mustard flavor at all. It was a touch sweet with yellow bell pepper. It also had an earthy flavor from the ingredient of cumin. The habaneros were used in restraint to add the perfect mild to medium heat. It added just the right amount of pepper warmness to grab your attention. The roasting of the habaneros brought out a little sweetness and fruity nuances this pepper will deliver. Overall this was a fantastic sauce. I took a chance and it payed off. Oh did I mention Ms. Goofy made the most decadent lemon cheesecake? What a great 4th of July. 

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