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Sunday, July 1, 2018


It was a lazy Saturday morning which inspired us to go to the Santa Rosa Farmers market and also visit our good friend the butcher Angelo. The Santa Rosa Farmers Market is located at the Veterans building across from the fairgrounds. This is a very nice market which showcases local farmers. As some of you may know I manage a weekly farmers market in Richmond California. I really do not need to buy more fresh produce but when I visit other markets I always look for unique or local specialty items. One special vendor sells some of the most decadent olives. They have multiple flavored and types of olives. I usually buy the mixed tub which is garlicky delicious.

I told Angelo we were going to pay a visit. Angelo is a very good friend. We have been customers of his for a very long time. Angelo just has a way of making you feel like family. He is a great butcher who makes some of the best sausage, bacon and many other meat items. There is a not so secret item that Angelo makes which is fresh focaccia. This item is not generally for sale but if you ask nice I am sure he would make you some.

When we pulled into the driveway we could hear some body calling us. It was Angelo in the back kitchen beckoning us to come over. He had a big smile on his face which in turn put a smile on ours. He had a load of freshly risen focaccia that he was just about to put in the oven. Oh my where we in for a treat. We visited Angelo for a little while all the time smelling this wonderful treat baking.

Angelo also baked some seasoned pork roast which he then sauced with his own special Angelo Sauce which he sells. We then gorged ourselves on pork sandwiches made with freshly baked focaccia. It does not get any better than this. This was a wonderful lazy Saturday morning.


Big Dude said...

Great looking olives, warm focaccia, and a butcher for a friend - that would make for a great Saturday.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, We love to visit Angelo and I love olives.