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Sunday, July 8, 2018


The last eight years have been a fun festive time at Wine Country Big Q. This was an event that showcased championship bbq, local wines and benefited the local Veterans. It was sad to hear during the judges morning meeting that this possibly was the last year of this event. The promoter Judy Walker who has been a champion for this event told us it that the future of Wine Country Big Q was uncertain. Despite the sad news it was time to enjoy the day and judge another fun filled KCBS sanctioned bbq event. We would like to share some images with you.

I totally loved the "Prius Killer' pictured above. We live in Prius country and to some of us old gas guzzling drivers this sentiment was appreciated. This event was special to wine lovers because lots of local wineries poured their finest fermented grape nectar's. Live music entertained while the event attendees strolled the grounds.

Pictured above, Three 'Foo's and a Soo' was a competitive bbq that was comprised of some heavyweights in the bbq community. Harry Soo (celebrity bbq chef), Derrick Galiste, Kevin Barteaux and John Hendrickson all champions teamed up with goals to sweep the field. These champion women also teamed up behind the 'Die Freundliche Schweine' banner.(translates to 'The Friendly Pig"). They too were a group of heavy bbq hitters comprised of Cindy Hayter, Donna Fong (Butchers Daughter) and Kristy (bbq judge).

Rich Brandini is in line to get a piece of Chocolate Bacon dessert. This was a piece of battered deep fried pork belly covered with chocolate . Oh my,  was this porky delicious. The weather was perfect today with the thermometer just breaking the 80's mark. We judges were sequestered in an air conditioned room to provide perfect conditions to judge some of the best competitive bbq in the nation. 

The scores were tabulated and Big Poppa Smokers took the Grand Championship today. We were all winners today. Supporting the local Veterans is a cause that everyone can support. During the award ceremony Judy Walker was presented with this trophy plaque for her contribution to making this event such a success. We have our fingers crossed and high hopes this event will continue.


Unknown said...

Nice write up on Big Q event Chilebrown.

Chilebrown said...

Scott Simpson, Thanks, let's do it all over again next weekend in Clayton.

Aaron said...

The missus and I were very sorry to miss this event for the first time; thanks for posting and I sure hope it comes back in some form!

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, We hope to see you in Clayton.