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Monday, September 23, 2019


This is a photo of Sherri who is very happy with her casino chips from Feather Falls Casino. We were there this weekend to judge and join in the activities at the Hot Q'S and Cold Brews bbq competition. Back to Sherri, she is happy for numerous reasons. These chips she has gathered are proceeds from vending bbq to the rib hungry public. Part of the proceeds will be dispersed to local charities. If you scroll down to the last image you can see Sherri again accepting a trophy ( "taking the walk") for 9th place pork. What makes this so special it was her first time 'taking the walk'. She is a member of "Team Bacon" and I have to support a team with such a great name. Team Bacon is the future of KCBS competition. Come take a journey with me as I share this weekends experience. 

 These are local cheerleaders selling bbq donated from the competitors. The competitors received food credits in the casino for helping out with their donations. There was no shortage of the bbq hungry public. Several vendors sold out within a couple of hours. The casino has a microbrewery on site and were serving great beer to thirsty adults. Ms. Goofy personaly sampled all the beers and gave the paws up on quality.

I wanted to include this picture of the cheesecake vendor. They are the Jokers Bakery located in nearby Chico. Every year I order a whole cake and bring it home. If it makes it home. Below is our friend Joe. He is not a deranged knife wielding psychopath but is showing me his custom kitchen knife he had made especially for him.

This contest was the last big KCBS four meat competition for the year. We do have some smaller contests to attend to stay sharped and tuned with our judging skills. Feather Falls Casino rolls out the red carpet for this event. They are wonderful hosts and this is one of the funnest events of the year. It is fun and bittersweet salute to the end of the KCBS season for us. I think I will have a slice of cheesecake.


Big Dude said...

Looks like a fun time - I'd like to cash in those chips.

Aaron said...

Unfortunately we had to miss it this year because either Ben or us moved dates around by a weekend; thanks for sharing.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, The casino did give us some food and gambling credits. It was a fun time.

Aaron, Mr. and Mrs. B.C. were on good behavior or at least I was not aware of any transgressions. I had my duty of supervising the leftover table.