Chilebrown at home

Sunday, September 8, 2019


There is a new kid on the block and her name is Sherry's. She is a new breakfast & lunch spot that has opened up in Pinole California. They have been open for over six months but we have heard good things about this breakfast spot. We wanted to give it a try because like all good things the crowds will follow. We were the first people there on a Sunday morning at 8:00am. It is a good thing too because by the time we left the place was packed. Sherry's is a small place that is sparsely decorated but has a homey type feel. The service was fantastic, maybe because we were the first but it seemed genuine and we have heard rave reviews from our friends.

The menu has the typical breakfast and lunch type items. Ms. Goofy is partial to her chicken fried steak. I had the steak & eggs and biscuit with a side of gravy. They asked how I wanted the steak cooked but it was so thin it really did not matter. It tasted fine. The gravy was full of sausage to cover my freshly baked biscuit. Yummy!. Ms. Goofy said her chicken fried steak was fantastic and wanted to return to try other menu items.

I brought a bottle of Breakfast Blend Hot Sauce from home that I had won in a contest from the maker Patter Farms. It promised bacon like flavors. My expectations were low but I was pleasantly surprised. It did have a smoky flavor and had a heat level that warmed my soul gently. It was a good blend for breakfast. We will return to Sherry's to sample more menu items. I believe this place will become even more popular. The two items we tried satisfied and had us craving for more.


Aaron said...

That's a damn fine-looking CFS.

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, I have a feeling this place will become very popular.(crowded)

Scott said...

It's "Patter Fam Sauces" (no 'r'). Great company. Good people. Great Sauces.

(No, I'm not paid to say that. I met them years ago.)