Chilebrown at home

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


The Chilebrown ice cave was getting low on beef. I have a new connection for quality beef at Golden Gate Meat Company. They are wholesalers and retailers that supply some of the finest restaurants in the Bay Area stocked with quality beef. I have acess to the wholesale division and gave them a call. They had some USDA Prime New York strip from Revier Cattle Company. They are based in Minnesota and raise the Black Angus breed. They raise their cattle on a diet which includes plenty of corn. This is what we crave
I bought the whole loin strip. It was brought home, cut up,proportioned for future meals and put in seal-a-meal bags and sealed . Of course we had to sample our beefy purchase. The grill was fired up to the smoking hot temperature. They were cooked to a perfect medium rare. This is exactly what the doctor ordered. Corn fed bliss is all I can say. The Chilebrown ice cave is stocked again. 


Big Dude said...

Good looking marble in your meat. I'm a strip fan and know I' enjoy one from your grill.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dave, I do like the New Yorks. I would not turn down a good Portrhouse though.