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Sunday, September 15, 2019


We experienced a mini heat wave here in the Bay Area. How do we cope with this temporary furnace of discomfort? We go to a hot sauce festival in Auburn. It will be hot literally. Yesterday we attended the Pepper Festival and Hot Sauce Expo. On our way we made a quick stop at the local farmers market.

The local farmers market was quit crowded. It was nice to see a lot of local farmers and all the fresh produce of the season. Some of you know I manage a farmers market but I never tire of visiting others to catch up on prices and see the local offerings.

The pepper festival was held at the local fairgrounds. Auburn has an old time fairground venue that is a step back in time. I saw a sign posted for the demolition derby and even though we could not attend it brought a smile to my face. .The festival was set up with the hot sauce vendors in an exhibition hall and assorted fair exhibits out on the midway.

This festival had a music stage set up for a lineup of entertainment. In the evening a pepper eating contest was scheduled. The outside vendors were a handful of typical festival attendees. You could win a free trip to Europe but if you sign up be prepared for a ton of phone calls. I did spy a food truck selling bbq but today I was on a mission for hot sauce.

It was time to browse the hot sauce exhibition hall. I had a strategy. I would make a lap of the various hot sauce vendors and sample sauces to return and purchase my favorites. As some of you know after a couple of hits of hot sauce your taste buds can become dull and maybe even on fire. It still was fun to meet the sellers and hear their spicy sales pitch.

We have returned home and the heat has subsided. I brought back a bag of hot sauce. I even found a mini pie to take home. It was the perfect way to beat the heat. I love local farmers markets. Auburn put on a fun little festival which was pepper themed. Mother nature must have listened to our whining because we are returning to our mild Bay Area weather.

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