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Saturday, May 24, 2008


All right, calm down, it is true, We are reviewing Bacon Jam. This is a first. Have you ever heard of such stuff? When I saw it I had to try it. We ordered it off of E-Bay from "Skillet". 'Skillet' is a movable Diner located in Seattle Washington. It sounds like a great place to grab a bite of killer pork. They are making this Jam and putting it on their burgers and selling it to go. We invited the Reverend Biggles over to try this concoction. I made some mini English Muffins for the tasting. The hardest part was to wait for two days for the weekend. The weekend is here and we are tasting.

We toasted the muffins and had butter ready. The Reverend showed with his camera in tow. The lid was removed and a whiff was the first order. The first smell was a hint of vinegar. You could smell a bacon odor to top it off. Our first impression was not that great. It looked kind of nasty. There was a streak of fat down the middle of the jar. I tried a small scoop naked on a spoon. It was not very sweet. I thought jam was supposed to be sweet. I tasted onion, bacon and vinegar. It was pleasant. I would call it a chutney more than a jam. We then tried it on a mini English Muffin. The Muffin was warm, so the bacon jam melted a little into the bread. This brought out more of the flavor. I was really enjoying this now. What did Ms. Goofy and The Reverend think?

The Reverend took two small little bites. He then dropped to the floor and started to spin circles on his elbow screaming(Whoop, Whoop,Whoop, ala Curly Style). Ms. Goofy went for the butter infused bacon jam muffin. She thought it was Okay. Dr. Biggles politely said he like the bacon jam. He only took to micro bites.

The consensus was that it was not really a jam. I liked it and thought it would be great for a burger. Ms. Goofy and Biggles said they liked it, but, truthfully they didn't. Skillet's Bacon Jam will get a 2.5 star out of 5 rating.

Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5
Cost: 8 bucks and 6 for shipping
Where: Seattle Wa. (Order from E-Bay)

Photos by Biggles


cookiecrumb said...

Really? Not so very good?
OK, I will make you all some bacon jam. You will cry. (Now I just gotta make up some recipe.)

meathenge said...

Who's Biggle?

Hey, it was good! The person that made it really knew what they were doing. I had a few bites ... and did the Curly shuffle. Man, that was some rich stuff!


Chilebrown said...

Sorry Rev. Biggles, I have corrected the error. I just had some bacon jam for breakfast.

PresidentofCookies said...

That stuff looks disgusting and sounds even worse. If you nuts want to make your own sweet version with jalapenos here is a recipe:,-Bacon-and-Jalapeno-Jam-recipe.html

Chilebrown said...

That is not funny! That picture is not me. I have never worn bunny ears ever.

meathenge said...

Heh, the pres got a hold of something there ...

Chilebrown said...

I may have worn bunny ears once.