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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


What puts the Chile in Chilebrown? Well today it is the shipment of Chile Peppers I just received. The 'UPS' man left me with a package of Chile Pepper Plants on my front porch. These peppers were hatched by the 'Cross Country Nurseries'. They have a mind boggling selection of different and unusual plants. I wanted to grow a couple of Bhut Joklia peppers. They are the 5 times hotter than the Habanero pepper. I am burning with a capsicum rush already. I also procured these plants; Trinidad Perfume, Czechoslovakian Black, Devils Tongue, Black Prince, Beni Highlands , Aji Rojo and the Peter Pepper.(I will leave the last one to your imagination) This is a line up of heavy hitters. There will be Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight. What will I do with all these exotic peppers? They are beautiful plants. It will be a cornucopia of color in the pepper patch. I will make marinades and salsas. The salsa will be only for the brave. I am trying to perfect my 'Elephant Repellent'. I have had great success. There have been no Elephant raids in the garden.

Let's step back in time and reflect how I became a pepper 'FREAK'. It was in the late 70's, Rex and I went out to dinner before hitting the clubs. We went to the 'Sante Fe Bar & Grill' in Berkeley California. Mark Miller was the chef at the time. We ordered an appetizer of some barbeque skewered beef. The accompaniment was a tiny bit of 'El Yucateco' hot sauce. This sauce was bright green. It had a kick that knocked my socks off. After the burn had subsided, there actually was a great flavor. I was hooked.

This was a gateway sauce, to my burning path, for a Pepper Quest. I am searching for new chile flavors. We have attended Hot Sauce Conventions. There is a pilgrimage to Stockton California every year, to buy a 50 pound sack of roasted "New Hatch Type" peppers. Chili contests have been entered and won. Chile usually makes an appearance in all my dishes. Home made Chipotle is a week long 'Smoking Adventure'. I no longer go for the big burn but will not shy away. Chile Peppers puts the Chile in Chilebrown!!!!!

Thinks he is one Hot Pepper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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mMmMM, chile peppers. Time for breakfast!

Better go see about those fava beanses.


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What are those spinning bins? Pickin' bingo numbers?