Chilebrown at home

Saturday, November 8, 2008


It is overcast and it looks like rain. Wait a minute, let me use another line. It was a 'Dark and Stormy' night . The Chilebrown household was hungry and needed to be fed before the storm. The Mad Meat Genius needed to conduct one more experiment. He grabbed a chicken and dispatched all the bones. He stuffed it with secret ingredients and built a bonfire. This bonfire would be the fuel to calm the storm of his Madness.

Well sort off. It is an experiment. A boned chicken stuffed with a secret rice ingredient (San Francisco Treat), salami and cooked in the beehive oven. It is overcast today. The Beehive Oven has a calming effect when being fired up. It is better than a fish bowl or the boob tube. We are using almond wood to stoke the innards of the oven. Once it gets to temperature, it will cook the stuffed chicken. The stuffed chicken is propped up on a trivet of sliced potatoes and carrots. It will be cooked for approx 45 minutes. The Beehive has an intense heat. I had to cover the chicken with foil, because the skin started to burn.

The ingredients are simple. Chicken, Rice Mix, Salami and Rub. Take a very sharp knife and remove bones. Cook your rice mix and cool. Place salami and rice mixture in deboned chicken. Tie with string and rub with your favorite rub. Today Survival Spice was used for the rub. Place in oven and cook for 1 hour or 45 minutes in Beehive.

Now the hard part. Let it rest for 20 minutes. All the goodness has to re-organize to let you experience the event. This event was Superb. We sliced it and served it with gravy. You have to have 'The Gravy.' We threw in some green stuff to throw off the Reverend Biggles. The trivet of carrots and potatoes were so good that Ms. Goofy asked me to Marry her again. I agreed and we relished our experiment. It may has been a "Dark and Stormy' night, but we ate like Kings & Queens.


Andrew said...

Impressive; boning a whole chicken seems pretty difficult, and yours still looks like it is intact.

Greg said...

You are my outdoor cooking gadget hero!

liteluvr said...

Looks great. The variety of tastes and textures must have been wonderful!

cookiecrumb said...

A Roni? A Really? Gad, it looks delicious. What a fun idea.

Chilebrown said...

Andrew, A sharp boning knife is a must. Just follow the bones. Use your fingers. You will be have success.

Greg, at the Raider Games, I have the nickname 'Inspector Gadget' and a couple of others.

liteluvr, It was an experiment that went right. The crispy burnt skin actually was awesome!

cookiecrumb, I used some of the 911 sauce that your generously gifted. WOW!!

meathenge said...

Holy finolli that looks tasty. The part I like? Is that your oven only takes a few moments to come up to temp. No waiting for an hour or more, nope.


Anonymous said...

Man- if you, Biggles and I all lived across the street from each other we'd all weigh 400 pounds.

Not that that's a bad thing...