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Friday, March 13, 2009


It is kinda funny that our TV is usually on PBS or the Food Network. Most of our Boob Tube viewing revolves around food. Why is that funny? Because we are food FREAKS!!!! We like to watch a show called, "Man V Food". It is entertaining to us. We like to watch the Host consume a Trencherman's weight of food. He usually finds a local eating challenge and goes for it. He recently went to SmokeEaters and we followed. This challenge was to eat 12 chicken wings doused in a "Crazy Stupid" amount of pepper and Habanero powder. You have to eat the 12 wings in 10 minutes with no liquid refreshments, no napkins and no brains. After you consume this throne of pain, you have to lick your hands and wait five minutes. If you still have a pulse, You will receive a T-shirt and get your picture on the wall.
That is no problem for Ms. Goofy. She was game and was ready to rumble. We were on a Meat Adventure to Dittmers anyway. This place was right around the corner. Well it was 12 minutes away by the Shinken Speck.
GPS. We arrived to a full house. SmokeEaters is right next to the campus of San Jose State University. This is the perfect location for Wings , Big Screens, Beer and Chicken Wings. There were so many T.V. screens that you actually had to pay attention sort of. There were no monitors on the Food Network.

We had to focus on the Wings. We were not ready for the challenge that SmokeEaters offered. We tried the 'Most Hottest' that they offered on their menu. These wings had crazy names such as "Inferno", "4 Alarm", "Traditional Death". "Nuclear", "Atomic". "Traditional".and"Mild".

Our choice of wings was Inferno and Atomic. The Atomic wings were syrupy sweet. Ms. Goofy did not like them. They were too full of honey with a little hint of Tabasco. They should be classified maybe as gateway wings. We were a little hesitant to try the Inferno Wings.

The Inferno Wings looked like the Atomic wings. Were these wings the promise of their name.? Would we be gasping for air? I took a bite. They were not as sweet as the Atomic wings. Whoops, the back of throat needed a cough to be cleared. Is this the End ? Yes, at first bite the Inferno wings do grab your attention. This burn did not last. It was tasty. I think maybe I tasted some Habanero. Ms. Goofy was able to stomach the Inferno, and actually did enjoy these wings. If you happened to watch this episode of 'Man V Food', Adam looked like he was ready to meet the Grim Reaper. This was not our experience.

We later found out that the Wings for the Hellfire Challenge have a ton of habanero powder added.They have to be specially ordered. You do not need to take the challenge to order this death warrant of wings. We had fun visiting and tasting the wings and refreshments offered at 'SmokeEaters'. You need to take the Challenge. Your taste buds and sanity will be aroused. I will leave that up to You!


cookiecrumb said...

I bet that was fun. But I bet you're not going back.

Chilebrown said...

Hey cookiecrumb,
Heck Yeah that was fun. I wish I was going to College and hangin out there. Oh well, been there, done that.
We had fun today. Asparagus from Zukermans 'Grand Lake' market. Asparagus Quiche.

Will be on vacation in two weeks. Thursday Marins market is on the calander. Maybe we can have a Cocktail before noon.

cookiecrumb said...

Hey, maybe we'll see you Thusday. You get there at eight, right? We'll take you somewhere for a sidecar.