Chilebrown at home

Saturday, March 7, 2009


It has been a lazy Saturday. We went to the market with the Reverend Biggles. He bought meat and We purchased veggies. You know that Dr. Biggles would not buy vegetables at a Farmers market. We picked up some killer asparagus and salad material. We had some 'Rib-Eye' steaks marinating and waiting at home. Today we are going to make some steak burritos.

Tomato Basil 'Smart & Delicious' tortillas were picked up from our local Mega-store. These wraps are so healthy my head is hurting. They have 12 grams of dietary fiber. I have no idea what that means. They are made with extra virgin olive oil. Zero grams of Trans fat and no partially hydrogenated oils is also claimed on the wrapper. Last but not least they are "A Smart and Delicious Start to a Healthy Gourmet Lifestyle". I am relieved because I am going to chase this burrito down with a six-pack!

The Rib-Eyes were marinated with Survival Spice and lime juice. Asparagus and the steaks were grilled over a mesquite fire. The steaks rested and were sliced. Some rice and beans were cooked up. Some home made salsa,shredded cheese and some sour cream was available. We steamed the wraps for a second and converted the ingredient into rolls of comfort.

The sign of success. Ms. Goofy is on her favorite chair. She is watching the TV with her eyes closed.


Zoomie said...

The picture doesn't do it justice but man, the description has me drooling!

cookiecrumb said...

Oh! See, I thought those were M&M burritos.

Chilebrown said...

Boy, You two women show no mercy. Regardless, this was one good wrap of grilled meat and asparagus.