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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The Chilebrown kitchen has a new gadget. It is a tool that no kitchen should be with out. This apparatus is an Asparagus steamer. A tall stainless steel cylinder with a wire basket. It is the perfect height to stand up 'Spheres of Spring'. Pour a couple of inches of water in the bottom of the pot, insert your loaded wire basket and put glass lld on top. Ten minutes later you have perfectly steamed asparagus.
A trip to Alemany Farmer's market was in order. Our goal was to find Chris from Zukerman farms. He is our number one asparagus vendor in the Bay Area. Chris usually saves some Jumbo Asparagus for Ms. Goofy and I. They also sell the best asparagus raviolis you have ever tasted. It was quite the adventure at Alemany. A vendor passed off a counterfeit 10 dollar bill to Yours truly. The next vendor caught the said bill. Chilebrown was stuck in the middle. After returning to the original vendor and trying to avoid a HUGE scene, everything was straightened out. It seemed that these vendors are aware of a problem and the customer may become a unknowing victim. There were to many red flags to pass this off as an isolated incident. Back to the Asparagus. Chris was not there today, but his partner was running the stand. We scored some beautiful Jumbo Asparagus.

We rushed home and fired up the steamer. What did I ever do before this wonderful steamer. These spheres were steamed to perfection. The next day Ms. Goofy steamed some artichokes. She is sold on how well and easy this new utensil performs.This new gadget is a welcome addition to the Chilebrown kitchen.


Zoomie said...

Ooooh, I haven't had any asparagus yet this spring - can't wait!

cookiecrumb said...

SPEARS. Not spheres. Spheres are little round things. Or big round things.
I cooked asparagus today, too. No-water method.

Chilebrown said...

They were Jumbo Spheres,just a little elongated. The editor had the day off forever.
Asparagus is great however you cook it. I am looking forward to the Asparagus Festival and this years picture with Martin Yan. We really had fun watching the Asparagus eating contest.

Chilebrown said...

I just found out the Tubes are playing Sunday at the Asparagus Festival.Fee Waybill, Joey Chestnut, Martin Yan and Chilebrown. How could anybody pass this oportunity?

Unknown said...

OH! I have seen these things in resale shops before but I thought they were to hold your kitchen utensils.. like that is gonna work with all those openings :)So enlightening...
Love the asparagus when the season hits around here - grows wild in the woods, yummy!

Chilebrown said...

Hello Eliza28,
Thanks for stopping by. Wild Asparagus sound fun. Next time you see one of these contraptions get yourself one.