Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The Mad Meat Genius has received a super secret beta version of a green hot sauce. This was created by a fellow food blogger who wants to remain anonymous. I was sworn to secrecy. In fact the creator told me not to tell even Dr. Biggles. With that in mind, the testing will begin.

At first glance the packaging definitely needs a little work. The handwritten label is unique but not really eye catching. Let's look at the texture. A small amount was poured on to a spoon. The sauce was fairly thick. It had a pleasant chile/vinegar aroma. No seeds were present. The sauce looked like a baby puree of peppers.

Now for the taste. This sauce had a wonderful green chile flavor. I am guessing this pepper is Jalapeno. Some vinegar and salt sung with this flavor symphony. Their was a touch of heat to wake up your taste receptacles. This sauce would be a wonderful compliment to almost any dish. We tried it with a Quesadilla. I could not stop consuming this sauce. Half of the bottle was sacrificed for this first tasting.

Congratulations to the Creator of this Verde Hot Sauce. With a little work on the packaging, and plenty of free samples for the Mad Meat Genius, You will have a great product. May I suggest a couple of names for your sauce? How about "I'm Mad and I Eat Hot Sauce" or "Cranky's Revenge"?


Zoomie said...

Ha, good last line! Now I wish I had some - I want to add it to corn bread and see what happens...

cookiecrumb said...

I am reliably informed by an anonymous source that the chiles are Pimientos de Padron, grown by the Triple T Ranch folks. I am also told that indeed there are seeds, but so adequately pulverized in the blender, you can't detect them
I further have insider information that, yes, there is salt and vinegar. And a secret, subtle dash of cinnamon, which, they tell me, is the secret, subtle secret.

WhiteTrashBBQ said...

Interesting. I would have sworn that that the creator of the hot sauce was Dr. Biggles.

Send some to NYC!

cookiecrumb said...

White Trash: I know! A *girl* did it!