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Friday, July 17, 2009


The Serrano's are screaming to be transformed to 'Salsa to Burn'. This is a 'Mad Meat Genius' concoction that will rival any commercial sauce. In fact, someday it may be on your local grocers shelf. This puree of home grown peppers, onions, and tomatillas will be spanked by a mesquite charcoal fire. Some honey,salt and cider vinegar will blend this arrangement to a burning ring of fire.

Salsa to Burn

  1. 1 pound Serrano pepper
  2. 1 vidalia sweet onion
  3. 1 bunch of green onion
  4. apple cider vinegar
  5. honey
  6. salt
  7. 1/2 pound tomatilla
  8. water

Set up a medium hot fire in your barbeque. Grill all the vegetables till charred and heated through. Transfer to mixer and add water, salt and honey. Blend to desired consistency. Now this list of ingredients is just a guideline. You can add, or subtract to your liking. I cannot give away all my secrets because of future trademark agreements. No, I will not have to kill you.

This sauce was on the mild to medium side. It has a sweet/tart Serrano taste. It tasted great on a chip. It was thick with pepper love. This would be a great accompaniment to any grilled meat or fish. Hot Sauce manufactures, Look Out!

* If you go back to the original picture, you will see a Bhut Joklia pepper plant in the background. In a couple of months : "Houston, we have liftoff!"


Kailyn said...

I was wondering if you were growing the bhuts again this year.

Chilebrown said...

Have you fired up the 'Mad Meat Genius' barbeque house warming gift yet?

Tell Borris, that we are getting a new Kitty from the pound.

cookiecrumb said...

I love the texture. Well, I think I do, having NOT received my sample bottle (with the cool label) yet. Nice.
(What am I working on? Well, I found a recipe for homemade Worcestershire sauce.)

Chilebrown said...

Cookiecrumb, There is a bottle with your name on it. We could trade. What do use Worchestershire for? I have recipes for gravy and barbeque sauces. What is your inspiration?

cookiecrumb said...

We Could Trade? Didn't I already give you a bottle of my green homemade?!
Worcestershire: I love the taste. I use it in sauces, as necessary, and it's nice to plop a few drops on sliced hot meat. My inspiration (is this Iron Chef?) is a recipe in Saveur.
Oh, I get your point. You want the Worcestershire. I haven't made it yet; takes weeks. We'll see how much it makes.