Chilebrown at home

Friday, November 13, 2009


Melvin Ainsworth is a retired baker. He lives in Crockett California. His claim to fame is that he walks the Carquinez bridge daily. He has been in the local news for his walking quest. He also has been in the news for a not so pretty episode.

Melvin is a retired baker. He loves to show off his skills. 'Man oh Man' can he bake! He always shares his breads and cakes at the local watering hole. He also sells his wares to supplement his income. They are a bargain if you realize the love and effort involved. If you would like to sample a (Bananas chocolate, cream, apple, pumpkin, cheesecake with several toppings and any other pie that you could imagine) and you live in the East Bay, I will hook you up. They cost 10 dollars a pie.. I will try not to let my finger swipe show.


PresidentofCookies said...

That looks deeeelicious! Let's dump the turkey and just have pie for Thanksgiving!

Zoomie said...

An important guy to know. Does he have a recipe for good, old-fashioned heavy cheesecake?

Kailyn said...

As soon as I lose some weight, I will put in my pie order.

cookiecrumb said...

Hey, where you been, man?
Oh no! You're not showing up on my RSS feed. You've been here all along; I'VE been missing.
So sorry.
I will check on you "by hand" now.
Cheesecake... nice.

Chilebrown said...

PresidentofCookies, No way Jose, Turkey and all the fizins. I did order two pies though.

Zoomie, I will ask.

Kailyn, What weight? You need to realize that, "You are so beautiful, Whoa!!!" I just started to break out into song.

Cookiecrumb. I was wondering where you had been. We went through some sad times and we have been recovering.