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Monday, November 16, 2009


We are having a barbeque on this crisp and cold November day. We have invited SuckleBusters to the party. SuckleBusters is a hot sauce, spice and condiment company located in Texas. They have won the Chilepepper magazines fiery food award for their barbeque sauce. That is one smokin endorsement. Today they will have to pass muster with two certified barbeque judges, Ms. Goofy and myself, Chilebrown. We will rub down some chicken with SuckleBusters “Hoochie Mama BBQ Rub”. The chicken will be bathed in a fiery bath of smoke and heat from a mesquite fire. Sucklebusters claims that their products are ‘Bustin’ with flavor. They are made ‘Texas Style’. Texas Style means big and bold yet simple. We shall see. Let’s get cooking!.

Let’s start by rubbing down the bird with ‘Hoochie Mama Rub’. Paprika, sugar, salt, black pepper, chile powder, garlic, onion, celery, chipotle, cayenne are listed as ingredients. It had a nice fresh spice aroma. Ms. Goofy tried a little dab on her paw and whimpered, It tastes salty she barked. She noticed a hint of celery in the flavor. The heat was a little delayed. It was a little burn that originated in the back of her throat. The burn factor was not ‘burn the house down hot’. It was a little more of a subtle shout out from the peppers saying, ‘I am here’. The real taste test will be later after the chicken has been cooked. We rubbed the chicken and let it rest in the Chilebrown Ice cave for a couple of hours.

The chicken was cooked over a direct mesquite charcoal medium fire. The last 10 minutes we brushed on SuckleBusters BBQ Sauce. What are the secrets of this award winning sauce? Vinegar, water, brown sugar, tomato paste, cane sugar, natural smoke flavor, salt, cayenne, mustard, onion, Xanthan gum, garlic and cloves are listed as ingredients. We opened the bottle and a pleasant vinegar and spice smell hit our sinuses or Ms. Goofy’s snout. We tried a little on a spoon. It was very sweet. It did have a good balance of smoke and vinegar. We did not detect any heat level at all. The sauce was a little thin. We basted the chicken several times. Now for the real taste test, will this stand up to the judges?

Ms. Goofy gave the combination of rub and barbeque sauce two paws up. She said the original saltiness of the rub played out to a good flavor on the cooked chicken. She liked the balance of sweet and vinegar of the sauce. Overall the combination of rub and sauce was a good combination. I thought the sauce was a little on the sweet side for my personal tastes. I would also call out for more heat. This would be a good excuse to try their hot sauce. The rub came through with a little spank of heat. SuckleBusters has a quality barbeque sauce and rub that we would invite back to another barbeque.

Sucklebusters Texas Style Sauces & Seasonings
(972) 393-9509


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, that last picture looks so delicious.

Greg said...

My man, are you trying to end up in the dog house?

Ms. Goofy's paw or snout?

Oh, I get it! You are seeing if she reads your blog....

Chilebrown said...

Highlandsranchfoodie, It is a lot of fun trying new sauces.

Greg, I am in the dog house a lot. Actually Ms. Goofy is a good 'Spot', I mean sport.