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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Summer is over. The tomatoes have come and gone. The days of fresh salsa are only a fond memory on the taste buds of my mind. What is a Chile Freak supposed to do? Today SuckleBusters has come to the rescue. They have a packaged salsa that is so easy to make, it is scary. Open a can of diced tomatoes, add water, Sucklebusters, and give it a stir. Let rest in a refrigerator or in my case, the Chilebrown Ice Cave, for 30 minutes. ‘Quick and Easy’, just like the package says. I love salsa, so let’s give it a try.

The ingredients are few and simple. Onion, peppers, cilantro, garlic, lime powder, and salt are the same ingredients that I use for my pico de gallo. The only difference is these ingredients are dehydrated and I use fresh.

The dried ingredients have a pungent fresh aroma. Once the salsa has rested and rehydrated for 30 minutes a very pleasant lime/citrus smell will grab your senses. You can smell the cilantro too. I need to find some chips and dig in right away.

Wow, this salsa taste just like summer. Sucklebusters has mixed and balanced a winning combination of spices and vegetables. It would be no surprise if this bowl of salsa was devoured faster than the time to make it. I have only one small complaint. This is one MILD salsa. There is no detectable heat. There is a pepper flavor, but not even a tickle of heat.

We tried this salsa with some tortilla chips. It tasted great. The citrus seasoning gives it a fresh flavor. Luckily there was a little left for some quesadillas. Once again, this salsa brings back the memories of summer. Sucklebusters makes a great salsa mix that is easy to make and easier to devour. You only need to add your own heat if you are a Chilehead like me.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good. I'm not liking any of the bottled salsa's right now so went on line and ordered up a package. Thanks for the recommendation.

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

Thanks for the review... it sounds excellent, I think my store carries this brand, and I miss fresh salsa too

cookiecrumb said...

Amazing. I probably wouldn't even have bought this, but you make it sound irresistible. As Jerry Seinfeld said, "salsa!"

Chilebrown said...

Higlandsranchfoodie, Wow I acutually sold one. Just kidding. They sent it to me and I tried it and liked it.

A Year on the Grill, Who doe not like fresh Salsa?

cookiecrumb, Every time you grace my site, I get excited. All I can say is "salsa"