Chilebrown at home

Saturday, March 13, 2010


We took the new Thermapen out for a test spin. It was pouring rain and Ms. Goofy got a little wet starting the barbeque fire. A corned beef brisket was on the menu tonight. The new thermometer worked like a charm. We also had piece of mind because of the Thermapen's safety feature of "Biomaster anti-bacterial additive". Some fresh Asparagus was thrown on the fire to top off this meat extravaganza. Oh boy! How come everything off the grill tastes so good?


Zoomie said...

How long do you soak it to remove some of the salt? As long as it would take to cook it/boil it?

Chilebrown said...

I soaked it for an hour and changed the water 3 times. You will be amazed on how much salt comes out.

Chris said...

Not being smart, just not sure of my terminology, but once you BBQ a corned beef isn't that pastrami? Or is there something special you have to do to make it pastrami?

Either way I bet it tasted great!

Anonymous said...

Lookin Good ChiliB. Nice touch with that asparagus.

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

timely... And I just went to my first St Paddy's day parade today... really have a taste for this after that and seeing your post!

Chilebrown said...

Chris, The way I understand it that smoked corned beef is pastrami. I grilled it and it sure tasted good.

highlandsranchfoodie, Man that takes a long time to type in your name. Could I jus call you 'Elway'? I guess that would not be right I love Asparagus!

A Year on the Grill, i thought you jumped ship ahip and went abroad. When I was a tadpole I remember going to the City(San Francisco California) and seeing a parade. There were men wearing plad!

mitchdcba said...

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