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Friday, April 30, 2010


It is a never ending quest to find the ultimate Chile Verde dish. We have traveled near and far to quench our desire of the green chile stew of porky goodness. Today's travel brings us to Celia's located in Antioch California. Celia's is a chain restaurant that has about a dozen locations throughout the Bay Area. This location in Antioch is very popular among the local population. On the weekends the bar is packed with margarita and tequila enthusiasts. They usually have a Mariachi band to entertain the restaurant patrons. Our visit brought us on a Saturday afternoon. The place was pretty quiet. The interior still looks festive with all the murals on the wall. We were promptly seated and the complimentary chips and salsa were brought.

The chips were fair and the salsa mediocre. The salsa was made from canned vegetables and was fairly mild. The chips had probably seen better times. I ordered the Chile verde and Ms. Goofy ordered some type of combination. We did not tell the waiter our quest. I think he could tell by the saliva dripping from my mouth. The food was brought faster than we could sing 'Cielto Lindo'. This Chile Verde looked delicious.

Looks can be deceiving. The pork cubes were tough like shoe leather. The meat was dry and tasteless. The green sauce was flat. No heat, no seasoning, and no Love. Ms. Goofy was also sad with her dish. This dish had just received a shot of nuclear blasting. The sawdust filling of her enchilada was hotter than the sun, temperature wise. The beans had shriveled from this atomic blast. There is one bright note to this disaster, The beer was ice cold!

Celia's is a fun, bright and cheery place. The bar has a local following that is entertained with Mariachi music. Come for the margaritas but leave for dinner.
523 W 10th
Antioch Ca.


meathenge said...


Chilebrown said...

The beer was cold!

Zoomie said...

Maybe after a few margaritas you won't care if dinner is below par?

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I agree. The margarita booth was not in our general direction on this vist.

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

More beer less food, huh?