Chilebrown at home

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Another Stoker trial run was complete. There are still some bugs to fix. I just wanted to share the finished product with you. These ribs were some of the best tasting ribs we have had since our last cook. They were not fall off the bone ribs and were not supposed to be. They were perfectly cooked. When we took a bite, it gently pulled off the bone and left a crescent shape mark from our chomp. The rib smoke flavor was created by chunks of sugar maple wood. These ribs were slathered with some every day store bought sauce.

These were spareribs. They were rubbed with an impromptu mix of spices. The pantry was scoured. Sugar, Kosher salt, pepper, and chile powder was grabbed. The ribs marinated while the fire was built. A mixture of 'Competition and Original Kingsford' charcoal was used. They were ignited in a chimney starter. Four hours later the spareribs were done.

The Stoker unit did all the monitoring of the fire pit temperature. When the fire dropped the fan would kick in and restore the perfect cooking environment. When the ribs were done we just poured our bbq sauce over the top and spread it out with a spoon. These were not competition ribs. These were just our everyday kickass, oh so very yummy, delicious ribs from heaven. They were a gooey sticky mess, just the way we Love them!!!


Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

new toys new toys new toys

And toys that appear to work as advertised... looking forward to your final word on the product... what are the bugs that remain??

Chris said...

You have bugs in your smoker? (ha ha)

Great looking ribs, dude. You are making me want to invest in a stoker.

Chilebrown said...

A Year on the Grill, not really bugs, it is just knowledge of usage. I am learning how to program the different probes. The instructions are a little vague and computer knowledge is taken for granted. Practice makes perfect. I am not retired yet,but soon.

Chris, I think you will love it with that beautiful Green Egg!

Zio said...

Damn, those look fine. Now I'm all hungry again - and we just ate!