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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Sometimes you will find a food treat in the most unexpected of places. As you may know we have been searching for the ultimate plate of chile verde. We just so happened to find possibly the best chile verde ever made, at the California State Fair. We were actually looking for chocolate covered onion rings but "Rose's Mexican Food' booth caught my eye advertising for a 'Chile Verde Bowl'. I plucked down five dollars and fifty cents and received a bowl of verde gold. These pork chunks were tender and flavorfuly kissed with a broth of green chile love. Some rice and beans cooked with the 'All Mighty Lard' provided a perfect vehicle to soak up this green chile gravy. This bowl of green chiles and pork was so delicious a tear came to my eye. I was tempted to order another bowl but we had the rest of the fair to see.

We strolled through the livestock pavilion and spied this longhorn giant. He was impressive. The handlers would not let Ms. Goofy ride him so we found this ride from the Neverland Ranch.

With Ms. Goofy being happy we found another food find of jalapeno jerky. It was sold by two naughty ladies from 'Jerrys Cowboy Jerky". They were having a lot of fun. This jerky was a spicy meat stick of jalapeno joy. We hiked through the gardens and needed some more nourishment. Big Foot chased us all the way back to the food court.

Once we safely made it back to the food court, Ms. Goofy bought a corn dog and a fried cheese stick. This cheese stick will be classified under the "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy, it was that bad. We never found the chocolate covered onion rings but we do have the memories of the remarkable bowl of chile verde we had earlier. The State Fair runs to August 1, so you have a short window of opportunity to try this outstanding chile verde bowl. You will not be disappointed.

California State Fair


Greg said...

You go to the best places! We went through Sacto yesterday and it was hotter than *!.

Kailyn said...

What the?! Who decided to move the Fair up? Traditionally it has been at the end of August, ending over Labor Day weekend. But yeah, there are always good eats at the fair.

Greg said...

Is Ms. Goofy related to this guy?

Hah! My word verification word is "pooping".

Chilebrown said...

Greg,we are on a mission.

Kailyn, That is a little weird. A lot of fairs were early this year.

Greg, What are you trying to do? I can get in my own trouble. Ms. Goofy was only under the influence of a Chile Verde bowl.

Kailyn said...

The other fairs being earlier as well would make sense now. All the county fairs have to finish before the State Fair starts.

Zoomie said...

OMG, that looks good! But Greg is right, it's too hot in Sacto to go to the fair right now. We were in Davis yesterday - 95 is HOT.

cookiecrumb said...

I'm not going.
If I knew what a perfect chile verde was, I'd make it.
I remember a lovely young woman from Manteca who whipped up a superior chile verde in her kitchen, while her husband and I drank beer and gabbed. I think she was a little pissed off, but the food was really good.

Chris said...

It seems that your fair stocks much better food than ours! What a fun post, even with with "MJ Ride Here". I don't think I'd want to let my kids near that ;)

Rene said...

Chile, that looks awesome. Here in NJ I know there is a state fair but I have never been. Probably not much next to that. End of this year I may come out to San Iego, so you'll have to tell me what spots to hit. Got a WSM btw


Chilebrown said...

Kailyn, Everything is crazy as far as the fair schedule this year. The Sonoma (Santa Rosa) starts Wednesday. May have to see if they have chocolate covered onion rings.

Zoomie, Ah it was not that hot. Wear your bikini!

Cookiecrumb, The invitation is still good for chile verde adventures.

Chris, Michael Jackson was a brilliant artist but a sick freak.I liked his music. I did not own a red leather jacket. I swear.

Rene, I am looking forward to your posts on your new barbeque. You will love it. San Diego is 9 hours away from our abode. If you want to travel north we will hook you up.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could find the perfect Green Chili. Are you going to try to replicate it at home? And that Neverland Ranch Photo - too funny.