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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We have a hankerin for some protein. It cannot just be any cut of meat. It has to be acquired from a ‘Meat Adventure’. This will be no problem, because, It is what we do. ‘Lawrence’s Walnut Creek Meat Co” will be logged into the ‘Mad Meat GPS’. Ms. Goofy will fire up the Formula-one racing Honda and we will strap ourselves in for a wild Meat Adventure.

Now Lawrence’s is not actually in Walnut Creek. They are located in the tony town of Alamo. This family run meat market has been around since 1887 claims the neon sign. The sidewalks of Alamo are paved with good intentions and trendy shops of perpetual spending indulgence. This meat market caters to the clientele of enlightened Meat purchasers. Lawrence’s sells premium meats, chicken, sausage, deli meats and they have an outside grill to prepare your lunch desires.

We walked in and surveyed the premise. It was neat and very well organized. We were greeted like the dignitaries that we are?? There are a couple of house made sausages , pastrami, and most of the meat are from premium meat distributors. The selection is wonderful. We took a couple of laps around the display refrigerators and found a Chateaubriand cut of beef that caught our fancy. This would be our meat of choice for today.

“Lawrence’s” is a wonderful place to buy meat if you live in the Alamo area. It is a great place to have a grilled lunch and take home a steak for dinner. The staff was very nice except they were bacon knowledge challenged on the two Bacon's that they did carry. (This is my only beef or negative charge).

Lawrences's Walnut Creek Meat Co.

225 Alamo Plz

Alamo, CA 94507

(925) 838-0505

Stay tuned for the Fire episode!!!!!!!!!!!!


Zoomie said...

We had a chateaubriand last week, too. One of our favorite cuts as we have steak one night and sandwiches for two or three days after.

Chilebrown said...

We are having corn chowder with leftover chateaubrriand too. It is a cut of meat that has fallen out of favor these days. If you cook it right it is so very special. Watch how I cooke it!

Greg said...

I am overdue for a steak dinner.Just needed a little motivation.