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Monday, July 12, 2010


Ms. Goofy is a good driver but sometimes she has a lead paw. We were speeding, 26 miles per hour through a residential neighborhood of Pleasant Hill when we spied a sign proclaiming ‘We are open’. Ms. Goofy pulled the emergency brake and the car spun in a semi circle. She let off on the brake and proceeded to spin the tires and pulled the brake one more time. We ended up parked perfectly in front of Molino’s It scared the ravioli right out of me. Well it did not happen exactly that way.

Molino’s is wonderful food find. Molino’s Ravioli is a commercial kitchen located in the bottom of an old house that makes and sells great Italian food. Their specialties are pasta, raviolis, soups and Italian gravy. (Sauce). We have been making special trips to this destination for the last 10 years. This is a local food destination which is not the easiest place to find. Molino’s does not do a lot of advertising and word of mouth is how we happened across this food discovery.

When you arrive and walk through the door, a heavenly aroma of an Italian Grandmother’s family kitchen welcomes you. This extremely intoxicating smell is of the sauces that have been simmering in huge pots for hours. This bouquet of aroma may bring to sing, Dean Martins ‘That’s Amore’. Well at least I did. The kitchen is open to view the ravioli making process. This is a hands on process. You can feel the love radiating from these pasta’s and sauces. They have several refrigerators to make your choice of products to go. Choosing between, beef, chicken, turkey, sweet potato, butternut squash, portabella mushroom, vegetable, and cheese fillings can be perplexing. Be sure to check out the ‘ravioli of the week’ special. A bunch of wonderful heat and serve meals are available such as; Cannelloni, lasagna, meatballs and so much more. We picked up several ravioli boxes and returned to Ms. Goofy’s formula-one race Honda.

We made it home safe, barely. Did I tell you Ms. Goofy is a good driver? We put some water on to boil. Some of last years harvest sauce was extracted from the Chilebrown Ice Cave. It takes no time at all to cook the ravioli. The sauce was added and we enjoyed some home made treats. These raviolis are plump meat pillows of joy. They were so good I broke out into song once again.
“When the Moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, That’s Amore! “

Molino's Ravioli
2150 Pleasasnt Hill Rd.
Pleasant Hill, Ca. 94523


Greg said...

Don't find to many old school places like that anymore. Good find!

meathenge said...

Oh boy!! I haven't had a good portable mushroom in a long time. I'll have to head out and get me some of that fresh portable mushroom action.

xo, Biggles

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun! Too bad it's such a long commute. Maybe I could shorten the drive if Ms. Goofy would give me driving lessons?

Chilebrown said...

Greg, It is a wonderful food destination.

Reverend, Its the gravy man! Thanks

Zia, Ms. Goofy is a good driver and a good sport!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place! I wish I had a Molino's anywhere in Colorado. I'd most certainly make the drive! Great post.

Rene said...

Hey Chile I'm sending this one to my wife


Chris said...

Does Mrs. Goofy do stunt driving for the Fast and Furious movie series?

The place sounds like a real find though!