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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Our ‘Fourth of July’ eve was spent in a beautiful but very hot local park in Rancho Cordova a suburb of Sacramento, California, capitol of the ‘Golden State’. A pre-celebration of our Holiday consisted of music, food and a special ‘KCBS BBQ’ competition. Ms. Goofy and I could not and would not miss this BBQ extravaganza. We donned our judge’s badges and prepared for triple digit heat. I guess I am a little out of practice because this heat was intense and brutal. One navigated for any little shade available at this park.

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The judging area was situated in a shaded area. Thank gosh! Our palates were whetted and our scores tabulated. In our shaded area we experienced some of the best barbeque meats in the nation. One meat category after another, ‘Shocked and Awed’ us with tasty meat treats. We gave our best judging opinions and sent some competitors to the winners circle.

A rookie team, ‘Woodhouse Barbecue” came in first with the ‘Grand Champion’ title. This was a wonderful victory. We know ‘Wood House BBQ ‘cooked their hearts out and upset some big names in the “West Coast BBQ” world. They are taking home the trophy and we applaud.

This was one fun day in the sun. Does barbeque get any better? I think not. We are going home and soaking in the outdoor plastic kiddy pool, (You do not want to see a picture!). And hopefully Ms. Goofy will bring some ice and frosty beverages. Have a great Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It scared me!


Anonymous said...

I wish we had a bbq competition around here. Can you do something about that?

Chilebrown said...

highlandsranchfoodie, I am not sure how far you are away from 'Loveland, Co.' but there is a competition next weekend. Hey how about coming to California. We could catch a Raider game.

Greg said...

Hot fun in the summertime.

cookiecrumb said...

Yes, but did you have a good time?

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I am happy that it cooled down today.

Cookiecrumb, That is such a funny question? I am watching "Stagecoach" I think it was 1939. Stars were stars and John W. rode a stagecoah to stardome with this movie. Did we have a good time? Are you kidding?

Mr Applejacks said...

It was great seeing you and yes whoo it was hot! Good day of queing. I loved the layout where pretty much the teams could see one another. BBQ competition in california has come a long way....

chilebrown said...

Mr. Applejacks, Thanks for stopping by. The UPS man is bringing a shiny new WSM to the door today. We are one step closer to competing. I will have to get your first place chicken recipe from you. Only if you do not have to kill me.

Chris said...

Congrats to Woodhouse crew, way to go for a new team.