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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


BBQ and Baseball are two of our nations greatest pastimes. Combine them together and we have the 'Bay Area BBQ Championship" with a double header of the 'Oakland A's v Los Angeles Angels'. The Bay Area BBQ Championship is a pro competition that will bring some of the biggest names of BBQ in California to compete. There will be celebrity judges such as; Narsai David, Joey Altman, Chelsey 'Sullen' Sullenberger and of course Ms. Goofy. All the proceeds will go to foster children through the Alternative Family Services organization. This should be a huge day of fun.

Bay Area BBQ Championship
July 16, 2011 BBQ starts at 9:30am
Oakland Colosseum


Kailyn said...

I had been debating about going to Saturday's game. Because double header!!!

Chilebrown said...

Kailyn, That would be great if we see you there. I think Borris may be jealous.

Kailyn said...

Don't think I'll be attending the game but did you know there's a street festival in Crockett this Sunday?

Jay said...

Just want to send you a big shout out of thanks from Alternative Family Services for supporting the Bay Area Barbecue Championship. As you know, this was our first time out of the box producing any kind of large scale event and I'm overwhelmed with the level of support we've found! Who knew BBQ folk were so great? Our families and kids had a great time at the event. Look for links to pictures on both of our websites and We should have them up tonight or tomorrow.

Jay Berlin, Executive Director
Alternative Family Services