Chilebrown at home

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Bacon is everywhere. Everybody is jumping on the bandwagon and cashing in on the bacon craze. I prefer to think of it as a life style. Once again we venture to the franchised world of food. Today’s bacon offering is a milkshake that is bacon flavored. Will it pass muster?

The order was placed and we were able to watch our trained chef created this concoction. A ripple of soft serve ice cream was placed in our corporate labeled cup. A squirt of some secret syrup was added. This was placed in a fancy device that mixed this brew instantly. Where is the bacon?

This milkshake did have a smoky flavor. I would even dare to call it bacon flavored. It was also cloyingly sweet from the syrup. A few sips and I was done. Needless to say the bacon milkshake was a disappointment. Where is the bacon?


Zoomie said...

You should invent one of your own at home - it would have real bacon. Of course, you'd have to fight Lucy off but, so far, you are bigger and stronger than she.

Greg said...


Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I may be bigger and stronger but Lucy has my number. She suckers me every time. She wants to cuddle and turns into the chewing and kicking monster. I think we will keep her. Maybe.

Greg, I agree, You know I had to try it though.

Zoomie said...

If you decide of "off" Lucy, send her to me! :-) I know I'm safe because Ms Goofy would never let you get away with it!

cookiecrumb said...

Yeah, bacon has jumped the shark. I prefer to keep my bacon passion private.
Damn dog, eh?

Chris said...

I like bacon but ewwwwww.