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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today’s meat adventure begins in Fresno California at ‘Renna’s Meat Market’ and will end cooking a pizza at the Chilebrown kitchen. Renna’s is an old fashion full service meat market that we constantly search for. Customer service is very important at this emporium of meat. Ask for a specific cut of meat at it will be yours. Renna’s sells lots of combination meat parcels which you can see advertised on the front window. The ‘10lb Value Pak’ that costs $20.95 includes;

1 lb Bologna
2 lb Ground Beef
1 lb Wieners
3 lb Leg Quarters
3 Paks Pork Links
2 lb End Cut Pork Chops

We noticed that all the sausage was house made. The Volga German sausage is described by Renna’s as; “The recipe for our German sausage came to America from the village of Kukkus in the Volga German colonies of Russia. It was made in Fresno by the Ohlberg family starting in 1928. Today, butcher Michael Ohlberg is Renna’s link to the family’s tradition of great sausage makers.”

We purchased an assortment of sausages and headed back home. Pizza sounded like a great idea to try our bounty of fresh sausage. Dough and sauce made from scratch, fresh mushrooms, grated cheese and thinly slice onions would be ingredients for this pie. The Volga German sausage was cooked on the grill to add a little smoke flavor. An almond wood fire was started in our wood fire oven. Once the coals were glowing the pie was cooked for less than 3 minutes. We will now share a Mad Meat Genius exclusive video.

This video is three minutes long, the time it took to cook this pie. This is a work in process. The sound and lighting will need some work. This is a rare image of Chilebrown. You will notice that my face was made exclusively for radio. I did want to share how fast and furious pizza pie making is at our household. By the way the sausage was excellent and the pizza even better. Enjoy!

Renna’s Meat Market

4269 North First St.

Fresno, Ca.

559 221-1350


cookiecrumb said...

Hey, handsome guy in the black chef's jacket! Yoo-hoo!
That pizza looks awesome; you are so good at it.

Toons said...

Nicely done Sir!That pup is going to be a giggun! Welcome back from AZ. Cheers!

Zoomie said...

All you need is checkered pants and a pair of clogs, and you're ready for prime time! I swear that Lucy has grown bigger in less than a week!

Greg said...

You're a superstar! I just finished reading a article in the LATimes saying video blogging about food is wave of the future. You are ahead of the curve.BTW that is a heck of a bargain for ten pounds of meat.

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, The pizza was awesome. Great ingredients made for a flavorful pie.

James, Arizona was a fun place to visit but am glad to be back.

Zoomie, Lucy is growing up fast.

Greg, I remember seeing meat sold in packages like that all the time. Those butchers are hared to find now.

PresidentofCookies said...

Did you know that your grandfather(Mother's father) and his family came from the Volga German colonies in Russia?

Chilebrown said...

Maybe that is why I liked that sausage so much.

Chris said...

Wow that is fast! Is the dough precooked a little first or is it from raw to finished in 3 min?

Chilebrown said...

Chris,Raw home made dough cooked to perfection in three minutes.