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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Our local 'Daily Rag’s' food section had an article about the Cara Cara Orange. I have to admit that I have never heard of them. While shopping at Berkeley Bowl West, Ms. Goofy spied them and they were acquired. They are similar to your every day orange in outward appearance but when you cut into them they have a pretty pink flesh inside. Cara Cara means beloved and I can see why. They are very sweet and juicy. The Cara Cara’s rosy color comes from lycopene a powerful antioxidant. Consuming these oranges may or may not cure cancer and help stop global warming. All I have to say is they taste delicious. Go out and get some.


Greg said...

They are very tasty. I think the citrus lady at the Marin farmer's market has those this time of year.

Chef JP said...

Fresh squeeze 'em & make some Mimosas why don'cha! Have a Happy Mardi Gras week Mr. Chile Brown!

cookiecrumb said...

I'm gonna look for those oranges. The delicious Summer Navels on my tree got underwatered this winter. It was dry and I was stupid.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, We are going to the market in the morning. Maybe we will see you there?

Chef JP, I am down on that. WooHoo!

cookiecrumb, See you in pink in the morning?

Lea Ann said...

I picked up a CaraCara orange from Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago ... SOUR! I'll have to give them another try. I'm sure I just got one that had been picked early to ship to Colorado and it wasn't ripe. They just look too beautiful to be sour. :)

Chilebrown said...

Lea Ann, Sometimes I like a tart orange. I have had pepper plants when one fruit will be hot and the next one on the same plant will me mild. Our oranges here were very sweet.

Zoomie said...

Just realized that you need to add Lucy to your profile! Hoe is she doing?

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I think she sharpens her teeth and claws at night. My hands and arms are scarred. She is also trying to eat the whole wide world.

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